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Vibratory Product Line

Electromagnetic Feeders/Screeners

Gough Econ works closely with Eriez Manufacturing to provide a versatile range of electromagnetic vibratory feeders. These feeders are solidly constructed and require minimal maintenance. Eriez products have forged a reputation for their reliability through a variety of industrial and food applications. With a simple clean line design, pockets and crevices are virtually eliminated. Highly sanitary units are provided for the food industry to convey product to bucket elevators, belt conveyors, weigh scales, and packaging machines. With a few moving parts, maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum with the use of these highly reliable vibratory feeders.

Twin Rotary Feeders/Conveyors/Screeners

Gough Econ’s twin rotary feeders offer the absolute minimum vibration transfer, ensuring the gentlest handling of your product. Because no major foundations are required, installation of our twin rotary equipment is both easy and inexpensive. Our feeders and screeners are available in a variety of materials to meet the full range of food and industrial applications.

Tubular Vibratory Conveyors

Our Tubular Vibratory Conveyors are simple, cost-effective and offer clean and gentle material handling. Tubular conveyors from Gough Econ have no moving parts; only contra-rotating motors, making this simple unit both user-friendly and environmentally safe. Because of their simple design, installation costs for our tubular vibratory conveyors are minimized.