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PDF Literature

For an extensive look at our equipment benefits and specifications, browse our library of detailed literature on our each of our product offerings.

File Size
 Bucket Elevators
General overview of bucket elevator products 6 pages, 240kb
Elecon™ multi-axis conveyors/elevators 4 pages, 130kb
Swinglink™ heavy duty industrial elevators/conveyors 4 pages, 176kb
Swinglink™ elevators/conveyor for gentle product handling 4 pages, 171kb
Econo-O-Lift conveyors/elevators 2 pages, 165kb
"Textured" buckets to facilitate product release 1 page, 104kb
 Conveyor Products
Belt conveyors 2 pages, 71kb
Storage conveyors 2 pages, 84kb
Slat conveyors 2 pages, 430kb
 Vibratory Products
Overview of the vibratory product line 2 pages, 325kb
Electromagnetic feeders/screens 2 pages, 60kb
Twin rotary feeders/screens 2 pages, 80kb
Tubular vibratory conveyors 2 pages, 125kb
 Miscellaneous Products
Belt or chain & bucket elevators 2 pages, 60kb
Hoppers, tote dumpers, bulk bag loaders and unloaders 1 page, 135kb
  Other Literature
Preventive maintenance contracts 2 pages, 148kb