Miscellaneous Equipment


Hoppers, Tote Dumpers, Bulk Bag Loaders/Unloaders

Gough Econ provides hoppers, tote dumpers, bulk bag loaders and unloaders for material handling systems constructed to hold product for the entire process. Auxiliary conveyors and/or material handling equipment can be coupled with these products to provide a complete system and both stationary and portable units are available.

custom manufacturing equipment

Custom Chutes, Transitions, Spiral Letdowns

Gough Econ offers a variety of customized configurations to provide for gentle handing of food and non-food products. Available in a wide variety of lengths and designs, our custom chutes, transitions and spiral letdowns are both durable and cost-effective.

custom metal fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication

The same high quality metal fabrication that typifies Gough Econ bucket elevators, conveyors and other products can now become an extension of your complete manufacturing process.  Our custom metal fabrication division, GEI Fabrication, has exceptional equipment and skilled craftsmen ready to perform any number of processes to cut, form, machine, join and finish simple parts or complex assemblies.

Our team offers design assistance/engineering all the way through to painting and powder coating, if required, on virtually anything from prototypes to full production runs.  Contact us today to discuss your custom metal fabrication needs.