food grade belt conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Gough Econ’s belt conveyors combine exceptional design and construction for an unparalleled material handling solution. Our range of belt conveyors is designed to provide increased efficiency and a versatile means of handling a wide variety of products and materials. Conveyor options include Flat and Slider Belt Conveyors, Incline Conveyors, Flighted Belt Conveyors and Troughed Belt Conveyors. In addition to these selections, we can custom design a belt conveyor to meet your unique handling needs.

storage conveyors

Storage Conveyors

Gough Econ’s storage conveyors ensure the safe and reliable handling of your materials from initial product introduction into your process to finished product packaging. Our storage conveyors operate as a buffer between various points of your process by regulating product flow resulting from varying production rates or in the event of equipment shutdowns. These auxiliary conveyors can be paired with our other material handling equipment to deliver a complete integrated system suited to your needs.

belt and bucket conveyors

Belt and Bucket Elevators

An economical means of vertically elevating or lowering product without concern for product degradation, our belt and bucket elevators transport your materials throughout the entire production process. Other conveying equipment can be coupled with these belt and bucket elevators to provide a fully integrated system for your needs.

continuous vertical conveyors

Continuous Vertical Conveyors

Gough’s continuous vertical conveyors can be used to elevate or lower products. This mechanical conveying system provides a smooth, continuous flow of product, and is available in a variety of styles and construction materials.

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