Bucket Elevators and Bucket Conveyors

Gough Econ bucket elevators and conveyors provide an economical way to elevate and move your products. We design our equipment based upon the production needs and specific requirements that clients share during our complimentary pre-engineering process.

As a top name in bucket elevator design, Gough Econ is pleased to provide manufacturing clients with a full suite of state-of-the-art bucket elevator products. Learn more about the products we offer and our expertise in designing fully integrated bulk material handling systems.

multi-axis bucket conveyor

Elecon – Versatility Exemplified

Gough Econ is the only licensed global manufacturer of the Elecon, the world’s only bucket conveyor that can move materials in any direction.  No other conveying system in the world is as flexible as the Elecon. In addition to the typical vertical and horizontal movement, the Elecon bucket can make right or left turns. This multi-axis capability is a result of its patented chain design and wedge-shaped buckets. Dubbed as the “go anywhere” conveyor, the Elecon minimizes your system’s footprint and can handle virtually any circuit design imaginable.

The Elecon is one of our best known and most versatile bucket elevator designs—and we are pleased with how it helps clients increase their operational effectiveness. No matter what configuration you need, these bucket elevators are engineered to provide solid and robust components that withstand most environments.

  1. With our custom designs, you are certain to experience:

    • Increased efficiency
    • Improved safety
    • Reduced equipment maintenance
    • Gentle material handling
    • Eliminated product degradation
    • Decreased equipment limitations
    • Energy efficiency cost savings
    • Minimized floor space usage
    • Noise reduction
    • Variable transfer rates
    • Uniform discharge
    • Quick cleanout for fast product changeover
    • Greater output
    • Decreased dust
    • Reliable material handling

    Learn more about the Elecon, and about Gough Econ’s innovation in bucket elevator design by contacting us today.

industrial bucket elevators

Swinglink® – Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

Gough Econ utilizes the most robust construction and components in the industry to ensure the reliability and durability of our Swinglink bucket elevators. The continuous chain and bucket design with overlapping bucket lips contribute to the adaptability of the Swinglink. With the strongest chain in the industry, the Swinglink provides durable, yet gentle, handling of a range of industrial goods.

Gough Econ has been recommending Swinglink products for decades, and for good reason. This equipment handles a variety of products for many different industries and is designed to resist wear and tear, even in harsh environments. Our customers are looking for efficiency, reliability, and confidence that their equipment will provide a good, long-term capital investment—and we know Swinglink to be an exemplary option in each of these categories.

food grade bucket elevators

Swinglink® – Food and Delicate Product Applications

Many of our clients work in the food and powder industries and have unique needs: Ensuring an efficient manufacturing process by eliminating threat to product integrity and risk of unsanitary conditions. We are pleased to offer these clients Swinglink bucket elevators that are designed with gentle handling and sanitation in mind.

Swinglink bucket elevators remain upright throughout the handling process to safeguard the integrity of your product. Smooth bucket surfaces eliminate product trap areas while the clean-in-place capabilities of the Swinglink provide for maximum cleanliness.

Swinglinks are available with carbon steel, stainless steel or plastic surfaces in all product contact areas. They offer the flexibility you require to accommodate your manufacturing needs, yet they are also designed for gentle and efficient handling. Swinglink bucket elevators safeguard product integrity and minimize spilling. In short, they provide our clients with the specifications they need to ensure operational proficiency.

industrial bucket elevator

Econ-O-Lift – Food and Industrial Applications

The Econ-o-Lift bucket elevator’s robust construction is built for durability and easy installation. It features a collapsing chain and 360-degree discharge with multiple discharge and inlet feeds for maximum flexibility. This bucket elevator can also be designed for food manufacturing applications with food-grade, stainless steel, or plastic conveyor surfaces that allow your company to comply with the regulatory standards specific to your industry.

With the Econ-o-Lift, buckets remain upright throughout the circuit reducing the probability for product spills and allowing the option for multiple discharge points from the lower rung of the bucket elevator. This will help minimize breakage from product discharge drop heights.

Additionally, the buckets feature a trailing curved lip that, when interlocked with the bucket in front and behind, allows the product being introduced into the Econ-O-Lift to flow directly and cleanly into each bucket cavity.

The result is flexible equipment that handles a variety of products for many different industries. For food and delicate products, the equipment is designed for gentle and efficient handling to protect the product and to reduce spillage. Gough Econ’s engineers have installed nearly 600 of these units to date and we continue to recommend them to our clients.

Learn More About Bucket Elevators from Gough Econ

Our mission at Gough Econ is to provide bucket elevator and bucket conveyor products that meet client needs and specifications—meaning we always take a custom approach. Our experienced sales engineers partner with you to accurately assess your individual application while walking you through every step in the process. Typical questions and information we discuss with you include:

  • A description of your process.
  • What types of material are being conveyed?
  • What are the physical characteristics of the materials?
  • What is the required throughput rate?
  • A description of the area and available space for the equipment.
  • Ambient operating conditions for the equipment.

Collecting information helps us to determine the best-suited bucket elevator design. It also aids in maximizing your production space, finding more efficient options, and ensuring you are benefiting from a complete solution, not just a quick fix. By analyzing your needs, our team can recommend a bucket elevator design that can improve your operations.

Gough Econ applies 45 years of expertise to manufacturing industrial bucket elevators that are designed to be tough, gentle on product, and easy to clean. To learn more about our bucket elevator and conveyor solutions, we invite you to contact Gough Econ today.

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