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Elecon with Multi-Axis Capabilities

Elecon Bucket Conveying Systems

Gough Econ is the only licensed global manufacturer of Elecon, the worlds only bucket conveyor that can move materials in any direction. No other conveying system in the world is as flexible as the Elecon. In addition to the typical vertical and horizontal movement, the Elecon bucket conveyor can make right or left turns. This multi-axis capability is a result of its patented chain design and wedge-shaped buckets. Dubbed as the “go anywhere” bucket conveyor, the Elecon minimizes your conveying system's footprint and can handle virtually any circuit design imaginable.

General Details

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Axis Capabilities
  • Multiple Discharge Points
  • Variety of Bucket Configurations


  • Chain Construction
  • Tubular Track
  • Drive & Tension


  • Steel Panel Enclosed Case
  • Open Construction
  • Lexan Panel Enclosed Case

Technical Info
The Elecon’s flexibility is enhanced by its multiple discharge capability virtually anywhere in the circuit. Our patented rack & pinion system for 360° bucket rotation assures that buckets fully discharge their contents and return in the upright position.

The Elecon™ bucket conveyor provides customers an alternative for material handling that allows them to fit a conveyor into their production facility rather than change their facility to fit in a material handling system.

Four different bucket configurations are available, depending on various throughput requirements and type of product. Buckets are constructed of polypropylene.

For additional information on Elecon™ conveyors, click here to download our four-page flyer (130 kilobytes). It contains information on chain styles, enclosure options and sample circuit configurations.

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