January 14, 2020

How to Increase the Efficiency of Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Responsible for helping craft every piece of jewelry in the world no matter the size, karats, or carats involved, the ore is one of the most valuable resources on the market today. 

This material’s demand is far greater than ever as the need for jewelry across all price ranges and levels grows more significant thanks to increased demand. However, the material’s startling truth is that a significant chunk of each bulk load processed and supplied to individual firms is lost because of improper or inadequate handling. 

In the long run, this essentially means that valuable materials (which are mostly non-renewable) end up being wasted, resulting in billions of dollars lost annually. Unfortunately, the same story isn’t only limited to ore because it also affects nearly every bulk material that your manufacturing company is handling. 

The challenge of wasted material and poor handling

Much like ore, the materials that any bulk material handling plant or bulk handling equipment manufacturer deals with are prone to avoidable waste that can cost any firm a fortune. 

As you continue to grow and scale your firm’s operations, you’ll quickly realize that you’re more prone to experiencing sunk costs and excess wastes that are holding you back from significant profit margins. However, you’ll eventually realize that this issue isn’t a “spot now, fix later” ordeal but more of a hole-in-a-boat problem that needs to be solved in a short period. 

While there are many other potential solutions to prevent your ship from sinking as it learns to circumvent a material wastage problem, there’s one solution that can help: Bulk material handling equipment. 

What is this solution?

To best put it, bulk material handling equipment is a type of automated, integrated system solution that moves dry materials in loose and bulk form from point A to point B. Unlike other pieces of equipment in a manufacturing setting, this fixture is stationary so that it maintains the necessary stability to move items back and forth without issues. 

This engineering process is seen as a long-term solution in preventing material wastage, comprising different moving parts like conveyor belts, dumpers, loaders, hoppers, elevators, and dischargers. Thanks to the way bulk material handling equipment works, you’ll no longer need to worry about waste risk thanks to extra care exhibited.

How can you increase the efficiency of your bulk material handling equipment?

One of the most significant benefits of bulk material handling equipment is that there’s always room for improvement in process efficiency. Thankfully, there are a few different ways that you can avoid wastages and improve your processing times through simple means, such as:

Tip #1: Get Gough Econ to craft an integrated solution best catered to your facility

Although there are ready-install options available on the market today, none of them do as well as a custom-built system specific to an area’s needs. With the help of Gough Econ’s trained experts and consultants, you’ll get the necessary help to have a system created from the ground-up that will operate more efficiently right off the bat! 

Tip #2: Focus on maintenance

When it comes to reinforcing process efficiency, one of the biggest difference-makers is the critical process of upholding regular maintenance procedures according to a manufacturer’s specifications. By enlisting trained technicians’ services to service your equipment on a set basis, you’ll help ensure that your bulk material handling equipment can smoothly take on work overtime! 


No matter how daunting the idea of losing copious amounts of potential profit to sustained materials wastage may seem, there will be no need to worry once you have bulk material handling equipment in place. With this guide’s help, you can improve your ability to manage your bulk material management process’s intricacies and equipment’s efficiency in no time! 

We’re a bulk material handling equipment manufacturer in the USA that helps manufacturing businesses achieve peak efficiency with minimal wastage. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our solutions can take your business to the next level! 

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