August 10, 2019

Three Key Factors to Consider When Selecting Food Manufacturing Equipment

Food manufacturing companies are faced with unique challenges. After all, their end product must look appetizing and appealing to the consumer. It must pass all necessary quality checks and meet food safety regulations. Food items must be manufactured with efficient food manufacturing equipment that meets extensive hygiene and sanitation requirements while ensuring production quotas are met.

All of these factors come into play when manufacturers select their food manufacturing equipment. Indeed, any piece of machinery that’s going to be used in the production of food products needs to be thoroughly vetted and rigorously tested. And there are three particular issues to focus on—gentle handling, ease of cleaning, and sanitary design.

Food Manufacturing Equipment Design Features:

Gentle Handling of Products

First, in order to maintain product integrity, it’s important to choose food manufacturing equipment that offers smooth, gentle handling.

Consider this: If you’re manufacturing crackers or chips, you need them to make it through the production process intact, without losing seasonings or crumbling into small pieces. Likewise, when handling products such as soft candies or pastas, you want to minimize any degradation to the shape and size of the food product.

This largely comes down to the machinery you select. It is common now for most manufacturing companies to minimize human intervention, which means your products are unlikely to be carefully guided through the production line by human hands.

Instead, you’ll probably depend on a combination of conveyor belts and bucket elevators to transfer products, to sort them, and to get them into their appropriate packaging. Smooth handling is critical here.

As such, it’s something that Gough Econ’s engineers take seriously. We provide equipment that ensures gentle handling of food products, as well as controls that allow you to manage the speed of production as necessary—ensuring the highest standards of quality at every step of the way.

Ease of Cleaning

In any industrial setting, it’s important that equipment be well-maintained—and, in the food industry, that includes regular cleaning cycles.

Having equipment that can be easily, consistently, and reliably cleaned is especially important among food product manufacturers. In fact, it’s a critical part of SQF compliance.

SQF stands for “Safe Quality Food.” The SQF Institute is globally recognized by food service providers for setting the standard for food quality and safety. The SQF Institute provides guidelines for manufacturers to help them maintain compliance in the food manufacturing industry. Regular cleaning of equipment is one of the most critical requirements.

But what if you have equipment that is difficult to clean, perhaps because it can only be fully cleaned when disassembled? That can make it cumbersome to meet the SQF standards. When selecting food manufacturing equipment, it is important to inquire about the features and functionality that allow for compliance with these standards.

At Gough Econ, we understand the importance of SQF compliance and the need for food manufacturers to have conveying equipment that is easy to access and clean, and we are proud to offer a wide range of options.

Sanitary Design

Another important feature recommended for food manufacturing equipment is a sanitary design for safe food production. It is important that food manufacturers maintain their regulatory compliance for sanitary food handling by choosing the appropriate hygienic equipment designs.

This would include equipment designs that provide for convenient, safe access to all areas of the machine and plant for thorough cleaning.  Equipment designs that incorporate rounded edges and smooth welds help to eliminate areas for food harborage that may lead to bacterial growth, food contamination and consumer illness. All food contact areas within the equipment should be constructed of materials, such as stainless steel, which is nonporous and noncorrosive.

Gough Econ has worked with a full range of food manufacturers to help convey products such as fruits, confectionary products, snack foods, frozen foods, and more. We’ve helped our clients ensure that their products are handled with care for cleanliness, hygiene and for the overall health of consumers.

Certainly, for any food manufacturing company purchasing new food manufacturing equipment, sanitation should be a top priority.

Designing Systems with Food Handling in Mind

It’s important for food manufacturers to select the right equipment—but it’s also important for them to use that equipment wisely. For some applications, that may include integrating different pieces of machinery into smooth, efficient systems.

Gough Econ is known for our emphasis on this systematic approach. We’re happy to provide our industrial clients with only the best products, but we also want to help them use those products in a way that maximizes their production capabilities, minimizes their footprint, and helps them comply with health and safety regulations.

That’s very much the case with food manufacturers. It’s not just a matter of selecting a few good products; it’s about designing an integrated system that allows for smooth handling, ease of cleaning, and sanitary design at every step of the way. And the best way to achieve such a system is to meet with the engineers at Gough Econ.

Solving Your Food Manufacturing Problems

At Gough Econ, we take pride in our problem-solving ability. Maybe your plant has struggled to maintain product integrity, or you need a more efficient way to blend ingredients together or segregate different food products. Perhaps you need an entirely new production model to help comply with the latest sanitary regulations. Whatever your challenge may be, we can help design an effective manufacturing system that addresses those problems.

Gough Econ’s engineers understand that no two manufacturers face the same issues or needs. We dedicate the necessary time up front with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their processes, specific challenges and requirements. This helps ensure that we’re designing systems that will meet or exceed their expectations.

For years we have been the industry’s leading name in bulk material handling solutions, and we are highly experienced in working with food manufacturers. We can help you find the right bulk material handling equipment to ensure smooth handling, ease of cleaning, and sanitary design, as well as overall production efficiency.

To learn more about Gough Econ’s work in food manufacturing, reach out to our engineering team today.

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