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Gough Econ is committed to the highest level of service for all of our customers, big or small. It actually begins on a pre-sale basis with our experienced sales engineers working closely with you to understand processes and needs; and then to develop custom designs and solutions just for you. In addition, we offer top-notch on-site customer support, equipment upgrades, and system reconfigurations, along with a preventative maintenance program to help your company succeed and avoid lost production or additional costs.

Pre-Sale Support

As a leading global designer and manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment and systems, Gough Econ provides the support, service, and confidence essential for your company to succeed in today’s economy. Your success is fundamental to our business practice. As a value added business partner, we are committed to providing our customers with the knowledge and tools necessary to meet their precise needs and excel in their respective markets.

The experienced staff at Gough Econ is skilled in developing total material handling systems and layouts that maximize sanitation (when required), minimize loss, breakage, spillage, clean up and downtime, while achieving optimum process flexibility and throughput. Our experienced sales engineers are always available to answer your questions and offer our expertise. Contact us today to get started.

Service & Support

We pride ourselves on the reliability and longevity of our product line, however we understand things can happen. When on-site support is needed, we are extremely confident in our ability to provide a rapid and efficient response. With many years of experience and factory training, our skilled technicians offer the highest level of after sales service to each and every one of our customers. We provide installation supervision, commissioning, equipment upgrades/rebuilds, and system reconfigurations.

Gough Econ’s preventative maintenance program helps you avoid unscheduled downtime, lost production and control maintenance costs over the life of your system. By taking advantage of our program you’ll reduce life cycle and operating costs and increase profitability for your company. We work closely with each customer to tailor a program to meet their specific needs, with service available on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. At the conclusion of each service visit, we provide you with a detailed report outlining all items inspected, any adjustments that where made, and recommendations for parts replacement and other corrective action needed. Later, quotes will be provided for recommended replacement parts and additional service visits if necessary.

Parts & Components

At Gough Econ, we are dedicated to comprehensive customer service. Service doesn’t stop the day after your equipment install. We partner with you in the manufacturing process, always striving to help improve your production and material handling processes. We offer a complete range of replacement parts, components, and assemblies to help you keep your equipment operating efficiently at peak production levels. Our engineers and technicians are also available for equipment upgrades and reconfigurations to refine your process long after initial installation.

Our Customer Support Team is available by phone or email to answer your questions and to schedule on-site visits to meet your needs.

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