June 28, 2018

Custom Manufacturing Equipment Offers Flexibility, Reliability, and Support

At Gough Econ, we know that many of our clients need more than just an equipment manufacturer.  Anyone can sell you machinery, but that’s only the first step toward developing a robust and efficient bulk material handling system.  What our clients need is a partner who can show them multiple options for a holistic solution, as well as offering installation support, and parts and service support thereafter.

When you choose Gough Econ for your bulk material handling needs, you get more than just equipment; you get an entire system, tailored to address your unique challenges and help you meet your goals.  What’s more, you get all the flexibility, reliability, and support that comes from our client-specific, systems-oriented approach.

Our Approach Offers Flexibility

One major benefit to the Gough Econ systems-based method is that it offers immense flexibility.  Manufacturers must be ready for anything, and with a bulk material handling system designed by Gough Econ, they can be.

There are a number of reasons why a manufacturer may need to pivot—to quickly react to changes in markets and customer expectations, changes in the materials being processed, or to respond to regulatory pressures.  When you have various pieces of equipment that were bought individually, not as part of an integrative system, it can be difficult to know where to begin making these pivots—and often, it is necessary to replace a lot of the equipment at once, which is costly and cumbersome.

When you have an integrative system, though, you can take the big-picture view and identify specific areas for change or improvement.  The engineers at Gough Econ can help with this, revamping your system to address any new challenges you’re facing.

Flexibility is hardwired into our bulk material handling systems, all of which are designed around the customer’s needs.  We always start with the client’s specific manufacturing objectives, and design equipment that can help us meet those objectives as efficiently as possible.

These objectives often hinge on product quality, production efficiency, and employee safety—but there are some peripheral issues we can address, as well.  For example, our systems generally open up more space on your manufacturing floor, which can be used to expand your operation further or for storage.

We also have a passion for problem solving—and as our clients encounter hurdles, we’re here to help overcome them.  A brief example: A pharmaceutical manufacturer approached us with some quality issues.  Small capsules were being damaged in the conveyance process, leading to much waste—but we were able to develop a solution that slightly reduces the speed with which these capsules were being handled, making the entire process gentler and alleviating the quality issues.

Our Approach Offers Reliability

Another major benefit of partnering with Gough Econ is reliability.

Simply put, manufacturers want a system that has a high uptime—because any time the system goes down, they’re stalled in their production, and they’re losing money.

Gough Econ has a proven track record for reliability. In fact, we can pledge high up times for each specific piece of equipment we provide to our clients, as well as for the system as a whole.

Our bulk material handling systems are designed for efficiency—meaning they are designed to reduce the everyday wear and tear that so often leads to down times.  What’s more, the individual pieces of the system are designed to work together.  We know that this reliability is one of the main things our clients expect from us.

Our Approach Offers Support

There are a number of ways in which Gough Econ offers support, as well.

Replacement parts is a big one.  When you choose a vendor for your bulk material handling equipment, you don’t just want someone who can provide you with the initial machine.  You want someone who can quickly furnish spare parts that are needed, too—helping you avoid having to shut down production while you wait for replacement parts to be made.

There’s also installation support. Gough Econ’s engineers take a hands-on approach to everything they do, and often begin the design process by walking the production floor with the client, evaluating existing strengths, challenges, and areas for improvement.  As such, systems are designed to work well within the client’s production context.  We also offer on-site installation supervision and equipment commissioning to ensure that everything operates as intended.

Finally, we offer maintenance support—meaning that, in the unlikely event you experience a problem with your system, you can have it diagnosed and repaired by the people who know your bulk material handling system inside and out.

Our Approach Delivers the Best Business Results

To summarize, choosing an integrative bulk material handling system—as opposed to merely locating an equipment manufacturer—can improve your bottom line in a number of significant ways.

  • It ensures that, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, you’re getting a system that’s been tailored to meet your needs and address your particular challenges.
  • It guarantees that your bulk material handling system is made to improve efficiency, enhance employee safety, and promote product quality.
  • It provides the utmost flexibility, ensuring that you can quickly make changes to your system to address industry changes or unexpected issues.
  • It ensures reliability—including uptimes for your individual equipment and the system as a whole.
  • It comes with complete support from engineers and technicians who have gotten to know your production needs inside and out—including installation support, parts support, and maintenance support.

There are many vendors who can sell you equipment—but Gough Econ goes above and beyond that.  We engineer systems that are made to help our clients address all their bulk material handling goals—and to improve their bottom line in the process.

It all begins with a consultation.  Tell us what your current challenges are, and what goals you are trying to achieve.  From there, our engineers will get to work—building your system, made to give you flexibility, reliability, and support.  To begin the process, contact Gough Econ today.

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