August 15, 2019

Top 3 High Performing Bulk Powder Handling Systems

As your business continues to grow and the manufacturing industry changes, making sure you have the right technology in place becomes increasingly important. Gough Econ specializes in providing solutions, such as bulk powder handling systems, to clients across many different industries.

Our powder handling system technology embraces the Gough Econ philosophy of being tough, gentle, and clean; all at the same time. The equipment is tough because our sturdy chains support some of the heaviest workloads in the industry. It’s gentle because our equipment is designed to help eliminate product breakage and degradation. Stainless steel and food-grade components can be designed into most configurations to comply with food safety and cleanliness specifications.

These bulk powder handling systems are the key to efficiency at every level of bulk material handling. This article reviews some recommended products by Gough Econ’s engineers for powder handling technology that improves throughput and protects your end product.

Bucket Conveying Technology

Gough Econ is proud to offer a large range of products that support the powder, chemical and food industries. These products often serve many other industries as well.


The Elecon is one of Gough Econ’s most versatile and well-known bucket elevator designs. Dubbed as the “go anywhere” conveyor, this equipment is uniquely designed to negotiate horizontal and vertical turns while also allowing right and left turns within the same circuit. This system is specially designed to convey powders and chemicals, along with many other types of materials, without risk of product degradation, contamination or spillage.

This system utilizes special wedge-shaped buckets that, when brought together at the feed inlet in the turn, lip over one another providing a continuous feeding arrangement. Product is gently discharged through a complete 360° bucket rotation. Multiple discharge points can also be accommodated with this unit.

Because the Elecon is a modular design, it can easily be expanded and modified to meet changing requirements and process improvements. This system offers our clients tremendous flexibility and can adapt to nearly any workspace on the plant floor.


The Econ-o-Lift bucket elevator provides an efficient and economical method of conveying powders and other bulk materials to various points in the circuit. Designed for both food and industrial applications, it is especially suited for applications where spillage, product contamination and degradation must be prevented.

Econ-o-Lift buckets remain upright throughout the circuit. One similar feature of this elevator is that the buckets rotate 360° at discharge. The patented collapsible chain brings the buckets together at the infeed to eliminate spillage and help maintain a clean working environment. Multiple discharge positions can be located on the bottom or the top chain runs.

Chain construction is available in plastic or steel. Bucket material options include plastic, mild steel, or food-grade stainless steel. Elevator designs can be totally enclosed or open frame with stainless or carbon steel construction.


Gough Econ’s Swinglink series of bucket elevators is ideal for conveying powders, chemicals and granules. This equipment is versatile enough to also be configured for use in the food industry and for heavy duty applications.

The clean and continuous feed operation of the Swinglink is accomplished by the overlapping bucket lip design. Buckets are kept together on horizontal runs and at the feed inlet resulting in little to no spillage. The buckets separate on vertical runs and at turns providing the necessary clearance. Much like the Econ-o-Lift, the Swinglink buckets remain upright throughout the circuit except at the discharge points.

This equipment supports top and bottom discharge positions and multiple fill points making it highly versatile and customizable.

Vibratory Conveying Technology

So far, we’ve covered more traditional types of bulk powder handling systems that use bucket and chain technology. Gough Econ also offers reliable tubular vibratory conveyors, which have a number of advantages over other conveyance methods that could be beneficial for certain processes.

The tubular design of the vibratory conveyor ensures the product does not escape the system. This may be a very important feature depending on the physical properties of the product being transported. The fully enclosed tube design helps to control dust particles. This also helps in maintaining proper air quality for workers and eliminates possible cross-contamination within the work area.

Finally, the tubular vibratory conveyors are custom made for horizontal movement. Low vibration control ensures product integrity during transport. These units generally require minimal space for installation and can also be placed in an overhead mount position to conserve floor space.

While we offer a number of horizontal and vertical conveyance solutions, the tubular vibratory conveyor remains one of the best options for horizontal conveying requirements.

Belt Conveyor Technology

Gough Econ’s belt conveying technology is a preferred choice for some clients who require a bulk powder handling system. Belt conveyors provide a simpler means of conveying materials from one point to another.

We offer an extensive range of belt conveying methods designed to increase throughput and efficiency. Some of these options include our Flat and Slider Belt Conveyors, Incline Conveyors, Flighted Belt, and Trough Bed Conveyors. Our Engineers will often design custom belt conveyors to meet unique handling needs.

Construction for belt conveyors is generally a mild steel or stainless steel. A range of belt configurations allows for transportation of a variety of products and materials across many industries.

Hygienic Applications

Many of our clients in the food industry require conveying equipment that meets or exceeds governmental regulations. Gough Econ is pleased to work with these clients to create specialized hygienic conveyors that meet their goals and objectives.

Hygienic conveyors typically transport food items such as fruits, vegetables, frozen foods and snacks. These units are also ideal for more delicate food products like salt, sugar and seasoning.

Industrial Applications

Of course, the food industry isn’t the only industry that benefits from our conveyor belts. These belts also have a diverse range of industrial possibilities. They can be designed to operate extremely well in tough, harsh environments.

The Bottom Line on Bulk Powder Handling Systems

Now you know how bulk powder handling systems can help you and your business. But do you know where to find the best solution for integrated systems?

Here at Gough Econ, we pride ourselves on being your “one-stop shop.” Whatever your conveyance problem is, we are confident that we can design and manufacture an effective, efficient, long-lasting solution. Whether you need just one machine or a fully integrated system, we are here to fulfill your needs!

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