July 28, 2019

Bulk material handling makes for a smooth operation

Whenever you deal with a large quantity of the same material, you need an integrated system designed to help you handle this material. Attempting to do it by hand is likely much too time-consuming, not to mention that weight and the composition of the material may make it impossible to handle manually. This is where a bulk material handling system is so valuable. It speeds up the production process while eliminating waste. It also makes it safer for your employees as there is left physical lifting and moving performed by them. Because your manufacturing facility is different from others, you will need a system designed specifically for your needs, but in general, bulk material handling makes for a smooth operation. 

Bulk Material Handling – Smoothing The Production Process

The primary purpose of a bulk material handling configuration is to smooth the production process. There are likely different stages of your product’s manufacturing. These various stages may be fully automated, or it may require some manual interaction. Integrated bulk material handling systems will smooth out the entire process. You don’t have to wait for one stage to complete before moving the product to the next stage. Instead, this handling system moves it from one stage to the next. This not only helps improve the operation, but it enables you to save production space as well. Because everything is connected, you’re not forced to offload material from one stage, then move and load it onto the following stage. Depending on your production needs, you can have every aspect of manufacturing included within the handling system, ranging from storage to packing and shipping. These features will then provide you with several additional benefits once you have the integrated bulk material handling system installed.

Better Customer Service and Information

If your business specializes in the production of individual products upon a customer’s order, you will want to provide your customer with in-depth information on what stage of production their product is. Whether you offer bespoke customization or all products are the same, you’ll find many customers do want to know what stage of production their order is at and when to expect shipment and delivery.

With an integrated bulk material handling system, it becomes easier to monitor the movement of individual products. So if you offer real-time updates, customers can log onto their accounts and check in to see whether their product is on schedule and at what point of production it is in (this is if you provide updates throughout production or only when it is complete). In general, the more your customers know about production, the fewer questions they will have. With the help of an integrated bulk material handling setup, you can provide your customers with this information.

Inventory Management

Not only can you provide your customers with real-time updates, but you’ll have a better grasp of your own inventory and stock. As material is used, you’ll know what is running low and where each finished product is at. This will help improve your inventory management. Because you know when a product runs off the assembly line, you can monitor its movement with an integrated computer system. This way, all you need to do is check your inventory software, and you’ll see where each product is within your facility, when it is scheduled to ship, and when it is delivered.

By improving your inventory management, you’ll avoid digging through stacks of boxes, looking for a specific customer’s orders. Instead, you can just check the associated inventory management software and track it down instantaneously.

With improved inventory management, you can also reduce the inventory excess. If you’ve ever over ordered a material before, you know the struggle of finding room for it. This excess may end up pushing out onto the production floor, which gives your employees less room to maneuver. You can avoid this with the integrated bulk system.

Improve Production Speed

Manually moving a half-assembled product from one station to the next takes time. Even if it is only a few minutes to offload material from one stage and then load it up on the next, all of this time adds up. If you have five or six stages of production, it may end up costing you an hour to complete production versus an integrated bulk material handling system. Because the handling system effortlessly moves production from one stage to the next, it cuts out the downtime between stages. This allows you to not only speed up production but increase production in the same amount of time. So, at the very least, you’ll be able to finish assembling a product sooner, which allows you to ship it faster. It will also allow you to expand your business to meet growing production needs.

With all of the benefits of an upgraded bulk material handling system, you’ll experience a smoother operation, regardless of what you produce. From speeding up production to improving your output, it is a valuable investment your manufacturing business needs to consider. 

Creating A Specific Material Handling System For Your Business

Your manufacturing setup is uniquely yours. It is different from all other businesses out there, even those within the same industry. The combination of the production floor space and the equipment you use will dictate the kind of material handling system you need. This is why you need to partner your business with the team at Gough Econ, Inc. Here the staff will go over all your specifications, ranging from what you want to accomplish with your bulk material handling system to the amount of space you have and what sorts of output you’d like to achieve over the next few years. Whatever business you’re in and whatever your needs, our staff here at Gough Econ, Inc. has the knowledge and bulk material handling system experience to work with you and craft a system tailored to meet all of your specifications. So give our team a call today and discover the Gough Econ, Inc. difference.

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