April 21, 2019

Bucket Elevator Manufacturers: How Its Done

Gough Econ is one of the world’s leading bucket elevator manufacturers—and one thing that has made us successful is our understanding that no two clients have the same types of requirements. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. What our clients need is a reliable bucket elevator solution that is tailored to meet their manufacturing needs—and that’s something you will find in the Swinglink®, one of our flagship bucket elevator products.

In this post, we’re going to run through some of the specifics about how the Swinglink is made—and highlight some of the unique ways in which it can be configured to meet each client’s manufacturing goals and challenges.

The Swinglink Offers Customizable Options

The Swinglink—just like the Elecon™ and Econ-O-Lift™, our other signature products—features a modular design, which means different elements and components can be customized to meet the client’s needs and specifications. For example, the Swinglink can have circuits with multiple inputs and discharge points, which can accommodate many different manufacturing operations.

Here are a few additional benefits of the Swinglink and its modularity.

Upright Buckets

One of the benefits of all of Gough Econ’s bucket elevators is that the buckets remain upright throughout the entire circuit; they are only rotated upside down at the point of discharge. The result is that no residual product falls out of the buckets on the return trip to the infeed. This helps keep the system and production area clean and extends the life of the elevator, as there is no build-up of material that can cause jams. This is what separates Gough Econ’s bucket elevators from the competition; most bucket elevator manufacturers simply can’t match the performance of our upright bucket design.

Durable Materials

Durability is another advantage of the Swinglink, which is made with sturdy plastic or steel buckets and plastic, carbon steel or stainless-steel chains to ensure they can stand up to a wide range of applications from food and delicate products to heavy-duty abrasives. These steel materials can also handle high-temperature products very well. The durability of the buckets and chains also helps make maintenance easy and cost-effective; simply put, our products don’t require a lot of downtime, cleaning, or replacement.

Something else worth noting is that Gough Econ offers optional automatic chain cleaning and lubrication, making it easy for you to keep your equipment as clean as possible. Again, this obviously helps make upkeep more efficient, and downtime less common.

Varied Applications

The Swinglink can handle almost any kind of product, save for very wet products; these tend to stick to the buckets and require a more specialized solution. However, the Swinglink handles a wide range of products such as confectionary, chocolate, cereal, coffee, tea, pasta, salt, sugar, spices, rice, beans, nuts, pet foods, pharmaceutical tablets, tobacco, hops, and grains. There are also numerous industrial applications—metal and plastic pieces and parts, soap, metal powders, fertilizer, cement, and more. And, there are chemical applications, including chemicals with granular and powder characteristics (but not liquids).

The Swinglink has been used for hundreds of different applications, and it’s exceedingly rare that Gough Econ gets a request that the Swinglink can’t handle. With that said, clients are invited to call with any questions about specific applications.

Bucket Sizes

The Swinglink can accommodate several different bucket sizes.  The bucket size required is determined by the client’s application.  Gough Econ manufactures Swinglink buckets ranging from 12 inches up to 48 inches wide.  The larger buckets are typically useful for high-capacity applications, for example, pet food manufacturing.


Some clients require their bucket elevator manufacturers to include covers for portions or all of the machine which helps to minimize risk of contamination and ensures the integrity of materials being processed. The covers also provide additional safety benefits for the employees. Gough Econ can provide the Swinglink with full covers, as needed.


Another thing that sets us apart from other bucket elevator manufacturers is we know that delicacy can be just as important as durability. Our clients need rugged equipment that can endure a lot of use, but they also need bucket elevators that can handle products gently—ensuring those products aren’t damaged during the production process. That’s another area where the Swinglink shines; it can be configured to provide manufacturers with just the level of gentleness they need.


 One of the advantages of the Swinglink’s customizable design is that it can easily adapt to the manufacturing environment. In particular, the Swinglink can be configured and sized to meet the space requirements for the existing layout of the production floor.

Why Hire Gough Econ as Your Bucket Elevator Manufacturer?

We’ve highlighted a few of the things that make the modular design of the Swinglink so valuable across a range of manufacturing settings. It’s also important to note a couple things about Gough Econ’s sales and engineering teams.

Something we are passionate about is customer service—which means we are friendly and knowledgeable as we walk our clients through the equipment options, and always available for post-installation maintenance or care questions. We want clients to have total peace of mind that we’ll be with them every step of the way.

Another reason to choose Gough Econ is that we emphasize a systematic approach to material handling—not just leading you to the right bucket elevator product but ensuring all your equipment is working together harmoniously.

Finally, we understand that “one-size-fits-all” is not a solution. Our clients are all different, and we take pride in offering solutions that are tailored to each manufacturer’s needs. Hopefully, these comments about the Swinglink have illustrated that.

For manufacturers, it’s important to choose your equipment with care—and that includes your bucket elevators. With the Swinglink, you will invest in a product that has all the features you need for your specific application. We invite you to reach out to our sales and engineering teams today to learn more about how the Swinglink can become an asset to your processes; contact Gough Econ to schedule your consultation.

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