March 25, 2019

5 Ways to Customize Gough Econ Equipment for Your Needs

At Gough Econ, we’re known for our focus on customization. Simply put, different clients come to us with different manufacturing goals, challenges, and needs—consequently, a standardized approach just doesn’t work. That’s why we’ve made sure to offer our clients a number of ways in which they can customize their manufacturing equipment—and that’s what we’re going to take a look at today. What follows are five examples of what custom manufacturing equipment looks like at Gough Econ.

Custom Manufacturing Equipment Tailored For You

Bucket Size

One area where you can customize your manufacturing equipment is the size of the buckets used in your bucket elevator. Gough Econ provides a wide spectrum of sizes, from nine inches wide all the way up to 48 inches wide, ensuring that our clients can always find the dimensions that best fit their needs.

Regardless of the throughput requirements you have—whether you need to move a high volume or to work with something a little smaller—Gough Econ’s engineers can accommodate. This is one of the most critical ways in which we can offer custom manufacturing equipment to our industrial clients.

Circuit Configuration

Another important area of customization is circuit configuration. All of Gough Econ’s bucket elevators have a modular design, meaning an infinite number of configurations is possible. And with our flagship product, the patented Elecon™ bucket elevator, you will have multi-axis circuit routing, meaning that the bucket elevator can be configured to move product up, down, right and left, all in one circuit. The Elecon also offers multiple infeeds and discharge outlets. With this system, you can minimize transitions and protect the quality of the product.

The bottom line is that our clients have different needs just depending on their products and the size and scope of their manufacturing area. With a truly limitless number of circuit configurations, Gough Econ’s bucket elevators can accommodate these diverse needs.

Design for Heavy Duty Products 

Still another important area for custom equipment manufacturing is our ability to design for heavy duty products. This isn’t always a concern for clients working with more delicate materials—think of our chocolate and confectionary clients, for example—but for those who do need something more rugged, Gough Econ can offer robust steel buckets and heavy-duty steel chains.

These options are especially valuable to clients who work with abrasive or heavy-duty products such as rocks, gravel, sand, ceramics, and more. And, we can coat these buckets with Teflon or other types of protective coatings, helping these buckets to withstand sticky or corrosive products.

Our engineers are always happy to talk with you about the bucket materials that best fit your manufacturing applications.

Chain Design

Chain design is another area of interest for our industrial clients. Gough Econ offers basically four different types of chain:

  • Plastic
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Metal alloys

Each of these options provides different benefits, and the variety of options ensures that clients can always find the right kind of chain to match their applications. The chain strengths we offer range from 4,000 up to 24,000 pounds of tensile loading, too—another way in which we can accommodate clients with heavy-duty material handling needs. And, the metal chains can withstand high temperatures.

Some chains have oversized rollers for a long operating life, which helps to minimize maintenance requirements and spare parts usage. Finally, both the plastic and stainless-steel chains are suitable for wash-down environments, making them great options for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing—areas where sanitization is a key concern.

Storage Conveyors (aka “Storeveyors”)

Finally, one of the ways in which we offer custom manufacturing equipment to meet our clients’ needs is by offering storage conveyors—often called “storeveyors”.

A storage conveyor is basically a very wide conveyor with tall side guides, that can store products at various intervals of the manufacturing process, such as between processing and packaging. The benefit of this is to balance product flow throughout the process. With most industries, it’s important to keep processes running continually. That makes these storage conveyors vital for improving efficiency.

On these storeveyors, Gough Econ offers a whole range of materials to meet different applications. Sanitary belting can be used in food processing applications, just to name one example. Stainless steel sidewalls make cleaning easy. And, these storage conveyors are generally fed through a first-in, first-out process—an important way to keep products fresh.

Gough Econ has also done enclosed storage conveyors, which helps prevent contamination from any dust or debris that might be in the facility. Open-top designs are available, as well—a cost-effective option for environments where there’s no risk of contamination.

Storage conveyors are primarily requested by clients who have continual processing and complex packaging requirements—such as our chocolate and confectionary clients. For example, as candy is processed, it may have to be packaged in a variety of ways, including boxes and bags of varying sizes. That’s a scenario where a storage conveyor comes in handy.

One more thing to note about storage conveyors is that they accommodate manufacturers who process only on the day shift, but package around the clock; product can be built up during the day, kept safely stored, and packaged as efficiently as possible.

Learn More About Custom Manufacturing Equipment from Gough Econ

At Gough Econ, we’re proud to address the manufacturing needs of a wide range of clients—and the only way that’s possible is by offering an unrivaled array of customization options.

The best way to approach your manufacturing equipment needs is to reach out to Gough Econ directly. Our engineers will sit down with you and talk through some of the challenges you’re facing, and the goals you’ve set. From there, we can tailor your manufacturing equipment to address each pain point.

Start the process of customizing your manufacturing equipment today; contact the engineering team at Gough Econ and set up a consultation at your next available opportunity.

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