March 19, 2020

5 Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Productive

Your clients are the most crucial part of your business, which means everything you do must be catered to their satisfaction. That means ensuring you have enough inventory on popular items, offer quick turnaround times, and provide stellar customer service. However, many companies struggle with the logistical aspect of their business, particularly in warehouse operations.

Sorting inventory can be tricky when estimating how much of a product you need, especially when it flies off the shelves faster than expected. When you constantly deliver quick, accurate shipments, your customers’ satisfaction will skyrocket, launching you further into success. Here are five tips for keeping your warehouse productive and bustling with activity:


  • Optimize All Available Space


You may find at some point that you require more space in your warehouse to accommodate all your inventory needs. However, instead of spending to expand your warehouse, consider maximizing all available space by using taller storage units. You probably have a lot of vertical room to take advantage of, helping you store more products within the same square footage. By investing in the right equipment and different shelving types, you can organize your inventory better and keep even more of it without renovating the space.


  • Stock Only What You Need


Some companies balk at the prospect of storing only what you need, although implementing lean inventory for your warehouse prevents costly losses. If you accumulate dead stock, it will just take up valuable warehouse space that you can use for your better-selling products. Instead, try to reduce safety stocks. Consider talking to your suppliers to set up an arrangement where they’ll deliver items in smaller quantities but at a more frequent pace.


  • Prioritize Manufacturing Modernization


Technology has done wonders for many industries, and you can leverage this for your warehouse operations by using automated, integrated systems to improve overall efficiency. For example, it can recommend the best routes for selecting and stowing inventory. It can also provide lists to devices, reducing mistakes, wasted time, and paper. 

Manufacturing modernization also involves using barcodes or radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, which can make your transactions more accurate while minimizing picking errors. By eliminating areas where mistakes are most likely to occur, you’ll streamline your operations and work more efficiently.


  • Arrange Work Stations


Another way to keep your warehouse productive is to arrange workstations since it eliminates the need for workers to dig around for the right tools or equipment. You can also use the 5S method for keeping everything organized: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. These tactics are all meant to reduce clutter, errors and enhance your workers’ safety.


  • Improve Labor Efficiency


If your warehouse management system doesn’t come with efficient picking plan capabilities, you can also do these yourself. Start by reviewing your material usage patterns, and keep high-volume items in the same area towards the front of your warehouse to save time. It will also help to store items that are often sold together in one place. By doing this, you’ll have saved your workers hours of travel time since you would have arranged popular items in the most accessible locations, reducing picking delays.


Keeping your warehouse productive is key to delivering consistent, excellent service to your customers and maintaining a short turnaround time. By improving warehouse efficiency, you’ll enjoy happier customers, more sales, and ultimately the success you’ve always wanted for your company.

Gough Econ is a world-leading bulk handling equipment manufacturer that creates comprehensive and automated integrated symptoms for global industries. Whether partnering with a food-handling or powder industry leader, we are dedicated to the development and timely delivery of systems that move products safely and efficiently. Give us a call at (888) 285-7197 to see what we can do for you!

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