January 7, 2020

2 Reasons You Should Consider Investing in Bucket Elevators

In recent times, saying that technology is ever-present in our lives would be close to an absolute understatement (and this isn’t an exaggeration). 

From smartphones we keep our eyes fixated on cars we drive to and from work, technology has been widely involved in almost every aspect of our lives. As we continue to strive for convenience in every way possible, manufacturers respond by putting out new products and gadgets that cater to our desires. 

Beyond our personal lives and the tremendous waves of change that we experience daily, it appears that technological advancement is also set to affect our professional lives. 

With more industries and companies doubling down on their efforts to adopt new technology pieces in their daily operations and processes, it becomes increasingly clear that modern tech is involved in shaping life. Regardless of the foodservice or the manufacturing industry, it’s safe to say that the pieces of tech that come out each year make a world of difference!

Among the different technology pieces that have sparked development in professional and personal settings, however, there’s one that easily stands out: Bucket elevators. 

What makes bucket elevators so unique? 

Although you may not necessarily have heard of this piece of tech yet, it’s best to assume that these types of elevators are undeniably remarkable for all the right reasons. 

Alternatively, called a bucket conveyor, the piece of technology has numerous applications across industrial applications because of its ability to move any type of material vertically. To best understand why bucket elevators are such remarkable pieces of technology, we’ll need to look at some of the most critical advantages they provide: 

1. They make it easier to move materials back and forth

Unlike the olden days where materials had to be carried manually back and forth by laborers, today’s bucket elevators make it easier by shuttling items in a more convenient manner. 

Seen as one of the most prominent advantages of a bucket conveyor system, the ease of transportation for all types of materials is a win-win situation for the items being carried and those carrying them. Going for a bucket system makes it easier to move items faster, keeps the materials in perfect shape, and ensures that your workers have more energy to handle other tasks! 

2. They help increase your facility’s productivity rates

Another critical benefit of switching over to a bucket elevator system is that it can help your facility operate much more efficiently and effectively for increased productivity. 

You see, instead of wasting time manually moving materials back and forth and waiting for them to arrive at their destinations, an elevator will cut down the average production process by a significant margin. By installing a system—such as Gough Econ’s integrated Bucket Elevators—you can easily boost your output and get ahead of the competition! 


Among the different investments that you can make in your workplace’s overall productivity and short and long-term success, bucket elevators are among the most impactful ones you can make. By going for a top-quality system that will seamlessly perform every time it’s used, you can make room for more productivity, profits, and more effortless experiences! 

We manufacture comprehensive and integrated solutions, such as bucket elevators, for businesses in America across all industries. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can take your operations to the next level with our products! 

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